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Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 for Law Enforcement

A More Productive Police Force

While they realize reports are part of the job, most public safety officers simply aren’t big fans of paperwork. They would rather be out in the community doing the “real” police work — patrolling neighborhoods, enforcing road safety, or tracking down leads — that they were trained to do. But the paperwork can be overwhelming, especially when you consider that it can take more than an hour to type up a single incident report. Dragon speech recognition enables officers to create documents and email, search the Web, and control their PCs entirely by voice — whether they’re at their desks or out on patrol. They just speak into a noise-cancelling microphone or a wireless headset connected to their PC. Dragon “recognizes” the spoken words, converts them into text, and displays them on the computer screen. Officers can also dictate into a digital voice recorder for automatic transcription when they connect to their PC. Either way, Dragon turns talk into text three times faster than typing — with up to 99% accuracy — using virtually any Windows-based application. With Dragon, officers can complete paperwork and computer-related tasks with unprecedented speed and ease so they have more time to focus on the most important aspects of law enforcement.

Helping Police Officers Get More Paperwork Done in Less Time

  • Reduce the time it takes to complete reports by up to 50%
  • Improve report quality by letting officers dictate notes while they are still fresh in their minds
  • Boost job satisfaction by enabling officers to focus less on paperwork, more on police work
  • Control costs by increasing officer productivity and reducing overtime
  • Empower officers to get more done faster by controlling their desktop and applications by voice
  • Boost productivity with time-saving macros that automate routine computer tasks
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Fast, Accurate Dictation
Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 is the ideal solution for busy public safety officers who want to work faster and smarter. They can dictate naturally to create documents, reports, email and more - three times faster than typing - with up to 99% recognition accuracy right out of the gate.

Works with Virtually Any Windows Application
Officers can use their voice to dictate, edit, and control applications like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and more. Dragon also works with many Windows-based industry-specific software programs to deliver even greater productivity gains.

Control Your Computer by Voice
Public safety professionals can use simple voice commands to create files, send email, open and close programs, save and convert documents, and search the Web or their desktop for information and resources faster than ever before.

Anywhere, Anytime Dictation Capabilities
Dragon 11 lets officers dictate notes directly into their laptops with a noise-cancelling or wireless microphone. Or they can dictate notes into a digital voice recorder while the information is still fresh in their minds. Dragon 11 will automatically transcribe the audio files of their voice when they connect to their PC.

Section 508 Certified
Dragon Professional 11 can help public safety organizations meet their disability management needs because it's Section 508 certified. Whether employees are permanently disabled or just in temporary rehabilitation, Dragon Professional 11 can keep everyone on the job. Plus, by using voice to control the PC and create documents, officers reduce their risk of developing repetitive strain injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome


 Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Public Safety




Tennessee Police Sergeant:
"I discovered that this exciting career came with a tremendous amount of PAPERWORK!" Through the years, I continued to drown in the ocean of very detailed reports. Unlike those television detectives, the true life detectives must submit their investigations in report fashion. Dragon allowed me to dictate reports and finally begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel."

Lee Mandell:
"I am a federal investigator and must file reports and summaries for each investigation. I have been using Dragon NaturallySpeaking for over seven years and the time this software saves me is incalculable and allows me to accomplish a great deal more work than if I had to type the reports by hand. My vocabulary is updated as I use Dragon, and it continues to evolve. I am far more productive as a result of this product."

Bob Brown:
"I am a private investigator and found Dragon to be very helpful in typing my case reports. I have been using Dragon for the past six years renewing every year to upgrade. In July of 2006 I had a stroke and had to have triple bypass surgery. As a result of this stroke I have lost pretty much the use of my right hand and had to quit taking statements for my clients and their attorneys. Thank God for your speaking program I am now able to record statements and translate them into a computerized report utilizing my Dragon program."

"I work for a police department in Colorado. In one particular case, officers had been called to a house where several family members had been murdered and the suspect was still on-scene. The suspect was taken into custody and brought to the police department. I needed to get an arrest warrant and search warrant done as quickly as possible. I had multiple officers to interview regarding the case and had officers waiting on-scene to go into the house on a search. Knowing that I needed to get this done quickly, I turned on Dragon NaturallySpeaking and did the interviews at my desk. As the officers answered my questions, I repeated what they said directly into the microphone, which then typed it quickly into the warrant. Dragon NaturallySpeaking helped me get the job done in half the time and helped get the suspect quickly to jail and the search warrant quickly signed and evidence collected."


Drive Productivity and Cost Efficiency with Speech Recognition
This whitepaper discusses some of the most pressing productivity issues facing today’s government organizations and how speech recognition tools can help address both individual and enterprise-wide challenges.


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May 12 2011