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PUMA delivers a complete voice recording solution for law enforcement, from its #1 selling PUMA 4 digital voice recorder to it’s management software for managing audio recording. From Police and Sheriff Departments to individual officers, PUMA has become one of the most important tools an officer can carry and a very “reliable witness”.

PUMA was first introduced in California to help increase the effectiveness of Law Enforcement by making a permanent recording of all incidents. The result is a higher rate of successful criminal prosecutions and a much lower rate of complaints and law suits against law enforcement agencies. Today, over 200 agencies nationwide use PUMA!

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PUMA COPSWest 2013


15th Annual COPSWEST Training & Expo
October 6-9, 2014, Long Beach, CA

PUMA Webinars

Capture, Manage, and Share Digital Evidence 

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014  |  10:00 AM PDT 

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014  |  2:00 AM PDT 

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014  |  10:00 AM PDT




May 2014- Versatile Information Products Inc. announced todayThe New PUMA Management Software for digital evidence

November 2012 -- Versatile Information Products Inc. announced today the release of new PUMA 4 Digital Voice Recorder.

October 16, 2012  LOS ANGELES -- A PUMA digital voice recording of a Deutsche Bank executive telling Glendale police about his abuse of bath salts undercuts a $50-million brutality claim against two Los Angeles Police Department officers.

June 2011 - Burlingame Police Department has received wide-spread benefits from standardizing on the PUMA System

Feb 2011 - Montclair Police Department completed the integration of PUMA Digital Photo Management Software into the Department’s existing voice recording system.  Department members are now able to transfer digital images to the system easily and efficiently.    

May 2010 - Friendswood Police Department(TX) received grant funding from the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Stimulus to purchase PUMA-II Digital Recorders and the File Management System.

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PUMA New Users

Hermosa Beach Police Department- CA
Maine Marine Patrol - ME
Salem County Sheriff’s Office - NJ
Somerdale Police Department – NJ
Irvine Police Department – CA
Laguna Beach Police Dept - CA
Sierra Madre Police Department - CA
Irwindale Police Department - CA
Preston Fire Department – TX
El Paso Police Department - TX
El Paso Sheriff’s Department - TX
Orange County Sheriff's - Dana Point- CA


PUMA 4 Digital Recorders for Law Enforcement

The new PUMA 4 Digital Recorder has once again sets the standard for portable audio recording products for law enforcement agencies. The PUMA Recorder Package includes a PUMA Digital Recorder, Custom Design Holster, Tie Clip Microphone and Puma Basic Management Software.

Our Price $299.99   

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Comming Soon

PUMA DVR is a small body worn digital video and audio recorder for law enforcement and is the latest addition to the PUMA line-up.



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PUMA Management Software

PUMA Management Software is the right solution for Law Enforcement agencies that want to securely and efficiently manage their audio recordings and is the only audio recordings management software designed for law enforcement available today!


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PUMA Photo Management Software

PUMA’s DPM is a fast, secure and convenient digital photo management software designed for Law Enforcement.



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Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 for Law Enforcement

Because the majority of our officers typed their reports there is no arguing that using Dragon NaturallySpeaking can increase the productivity of officers. This translates directly into a savings by enabling the officer to perform more tasks in a shorter amount of time.


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