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HIMSS Conference 2014

Annual Conference & Exhibition
Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL
2/23-2/27 Dolbey Booth 2203


Welcome to VIP

For more than 20 years, Versatile Information Products, Inc. has been a leader in providing innovative dictation and recording solutions for a wide range of business markets and customers.

VIP brings digital recording technology to Physicians, Attorneys, Law Enforcement Officers and anyone who is recording voice. VIP’s solutions are changing the way organizations make decisions, enabling them to proactively improve business and operational performance.


Our Vision

Our vision is to offer the most complete line of dictation and recording products and solutions with the highest degree of service to our customers who rely on the latest technology to meet the needs of today’s complex and fast-paced world.

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Fusion | December 2012 - Dolbey is proud to be chosen "Best in KLAS" 2012 with Fusion Expert and Fusion SpeechEMR.

PUMA | November 2012 - Versatile Information Products Inc. announced today the release of new PUMA 4 Digital Voice Recorder.

June 2011 - Burlingame Police Department has received wide-spread benefits from standardizing on the PUMA System

Feb 2011 - Montclair Police Department completed the integration of PUMA Digital Photo Management Software into the Department’s existing voice recording system. Department members are now able to transfer digital images to the system easily and efficiently.

Fusion - Dolbey Inc . Unveils latest version of Fusion CAC, Computer-Assisted Coding (CAC) Software at HIMSS 2010.


Product Showcase

Fusion Speech EMR

Olympus DS-7000

Dragon Naturally Speaking


The Leader in Voice Recording Solutions

Versatile Information Products, Inc.


May 11, 2011