Fusion Suite

Fusion Voice


Dolbey has created Fusion Suite™, an enterprise-wide group of products specifically designed to alleviate today’s healthcare IT headaches. This fully integrated solution includes innovative software and hardware for your dictation, transcription and speech recognition needs. Fusion Suite provides specialized workflow between these three elements while also lending industry-leading management tools. Today’s top programmers, utilizing years of experience in the industry, spent many hours creating a management system that goes beyond today’s expectations and tomorrow’s technology.

Fusion Voice for your Business

Fusion Voice is enterprise dictation management. From the largest hospitals and medical transcription service organizations (MTSOs) to clinics and physician offices, more depend on Fusion to run their daily business of dictation than any other system.

Fusion Voice

Speech recognition has exploded in the healthcare industry, promising reduced transcription costs with increased document turnaround. Dolbey moved forward to produce the most functional and accurate speech recognition product by working with today’s technology leader. Fusion Speech® powered by Nuance’s SpeechMagic™, is specifically designed to partner with Fusion Text®, a long-time leader in transcription software. This partnership has created today’s most exciting and promising speech recognition solution.

A unique design of Fusion Voice is trusted by many to guarantee that all dictators and transcription keep working through unexpected errors. The Fault Tolerance Module (FTM) option for Fusion Voice offers a system design that automatically switches over to a back-up system in the event of a failure. Larger deployments can utilize FTM to distribute the entire dictation system across multiple servers and sites.

Of all methods, the telephone is the easiest and most accessible connection to the dictation system. However, Fusion Voice offers many other options to meet the needs of your entire dictating and transcribing staff.

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