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Fusion Voice®, Fusion Text®, Fusion Speech® and Fusion CAC™ is a highly integrated solution.



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FUSION: Voice, Text, Speech and Coding

Fusion Voice®, Fusion Text®, Fusion Speech®, Fusion Expert® and Fusion CAC™ are offered as either a highly integrated solution or as modular components.  When modular, the dictation, transcription, speech and computer-assisted coding solutions are designed to integrate with your existing solutions to deliver seamless vendor-to-vendor functionality. 

As an integrated suite of solutions, these products can accelerate your drive toward productivity by encompassing the entire lifecycle in creating the patient care record. From the point of dictation or speech recognition, to transcription or editing, to electronic signature, to coding and billing: the Fusion Suite™ can provide one application with a shared database and a single managed view. 

Simplicity is a byproduct of the integrated Fusion Suite approach. By reducing the applications that require support and training, your staff can focus more on their work and less on their software. By reducing the required integrations, you eliminate cost and increase your ability to manage change. By sharing a common data set with dictation, transcription and speech recognition, you reduce redundant tasks and data entry. 

For enterprise-wide healthcare deployments, an integrated approach saves time and money and delivers results faster. The Fusion Suite can meet the varied business models you deploy, by facility or department, in a single solution without compromise. In a single system, these products can deliver simple dictation for some, more complex front-end speech for others while accommodating both in-sourcing and out-sourcing of transcription. From small workgroups to large integrated health networks, the Fusion Suite is packed with tools to guarantee success across all users and all disciplines in healthcare.

Healthcare Dictation Workflow:

Quality Starts Here
The quality of a patient’s chart relies upon the clinician’s ability to effectively communicate findings, plans and progress. A reliable, accessible and fluid dictation workflow is essential and Fusion Voice® provides this platform. Unique to Fusion Voice® is its expansive feature list while remaining overtly simple-to-use and easy-to-implement.

A scalable architecture provides the ability for growth. An exclusive, fault-tolerant design provides high availability. System partitioning provides a single system image that can be shared by many facilities and departments without compromise.

Transition tools are built in to provide an avenue to reach beyond dictation to speech recognition when the technology is right for your physicians and your infrastructure is ready to support it.


A rule in meeting the needs of a diverse dictation plan is to be willing to break the rules. This adaptability is made possible by Fusion Voice® through a series of built-in tools that allow even extreme customization to integrate with your existing IT solutions.

Providing the features expected by busy users and accommodating a potentially remote, and possibly global workforce, you are ready to meet inevitable change with these advanced dictation solutions.


A missing link in HIPAA planning has been the ability to manage the need to provide a highly accessible dictation reporting system while maintaining the safeguards required to protect health information.

Fusion Voice® logs all events, tracks all access and can even alert you if a breach has potentially occurred. Encryption insures delivery of dictation from end-to-end without worry. Our Fault-Tolerant Module (FTM) designs
and off-site back-up options can provide you with a disaster proof plan to guard against care continuity.


Fusion Voice® captures the features of today’s server architecture for large need deployments while remaining easy to administer for even small workgroup solutions.

Take advantage of the hardware profiles that suit your organization’s goals including clustering, SANs, Virtual Machines and thin-client.

Healthcare’s largest dictation applications are deploying Fusion Voice® on distributed platforms. Smaller needs are achieved on single, redundant server architectures.

Flexible Dictation Input:

User Friendly
Fusion Voice® elaborates on the traditional methods of digital dictation. Support includes telephones, dictate stations, and digital portables as well as dictation options from Blackberry, smart phones, PC-workstations and VoIP. Support one or all in the same installed solution.


Physicians in Command and Control
For many physicians, the ability to perform once-and-done patient documentation is a reality with Fusion Expert® powered by Nuance’s SpeechMagic™. As a clinical workstation solution, Fusion Expert breathes flexibility into the job of the clinician.  Speak and the words appear with amazing accuracy. Command and the application responds in order. Fusion Expert provides the accuracy to make speech recognition attainable by more physicians than ever before. This speech recognition is an essential tool for delivering results quickly and accurately. Fusion Expert meets the demands of critical results reporting for radiology, cardiology or the detailed reporting required in emergency and general clinical reporting.

Flexible Deployment

Case By Case
Fusion Expert is designed to be truly productive for the dictating physician or clinician.  Pre-stored normalized text allows even novice users to quickly adapt to faster productivity of Fusion Expert. 

Flexible user deployed software choices give the dictator control over whether they dictate for transcription or speech recognize the dictation for faster reporting disposition. 

The integrated functionality of Fusion Expert delivers the unparalleled ability to migrate from transcription-tuned speech toward physician-controlled speech.

Through Integration

Clinical Documentation Solutions
With PACs and EMRs, physicians have greater access to digital patient information than ever before. Fusion Expert with speech recognition or Fusion Voice® for simple dictation is made easier for the dictator with this integration by providing either an integrated or interfaced solution to clinical workstations. Fusion will reduce the effort in identifying the patient while speeding the delivery of the results to the patient’s chart. 

Viewing a patient chart in an EMR or diagnostic study result in a PAC can now provide the simplified functionality of simply clicking an icon to begin a dictation rather than the previous requirement of scanning a barcode, calling a dictation telephone number, or key entering report data to begin dictation.

Further integrate the solution to provide single sign-on and sign-off ease or even voice clip and results integrations with your PACs or EMR vendor. Standard API and XML integrations make this capability cost effective and quickly deployed while delivering a supportable and sustainable link that can bring real value to your dictating physician or clinician.

“One of the problems with the other systems was the intensity of supervisory management. I spend very little time managing Fusion.”

Page Meadows
PACs Administrator
St. Mary’s Healthcare System




Smart Document Management:

Medical transcription software must perform beyond creating documents. Fusion Text® delivers with a highly productive transcription application supported by rich downstream features including electronic signature, HL-7 integration, automated distribution and detailed management reporting.

Transcriptionists are enhanced with spell check, expander vocabularies and quick access to routines. Integrating registration and order demographics eliminates redundancy while insuring the integrity of the data as it is passed from Fusion Text® to your HIS or EMR.

Tailored to fit your needs, our years of project management and integration experience accelerate the return on investment for this solution. As your needs change, Fusion Text® is scalable from single department installations to enterprise-wide corporate deployments.

Increase Transcription Bandwidth

Dictation volumes are rising despite the advent of physician tools including EMR charting, speech recognition and electronic templates. The need for digital documentation versus handwriting is a driving force behind the trend that is requiring more transcription output with shorter turnaround times. Fusion Text® provides productivity driven tools that allow you to capture higher productivity without increasing staff. These outcomes provide a true return in time savings and productivity: reduce your dependency on high cost outsourcing; reduce document turn around time; increase transcription bandwidth.

“Our transcriptionists were concerned that their learning curve could have a negative impact on their payment. We decided to pay them at the regular rate while they were training to ease the pressure. In the end, they were pleasantly surprised at how quickly they adapted to the new editing skills. In our team, we estimated the productivity savings at 35%, and we have exceeded that goal.”

Mary Radley, Children’s Hospital Boston

Speech Powered Transcription

Fusion Speech® is proving every day that speech recognition is a productivity tool for transcription. Transcription turns to editing when dictations are processed first through the speech recognition engine before reaching transcription. Transcription’s edits fine tune the speech recognition dictionary for continued higher results.

Document Distribution

Flexible report distribution reduces manual effort and provides essential audit trails and logs of where and to whom patient information has been sent. Print real-time or to patient floors, fax to multiple destinations determined by recipient preferences or even email reports to ordering or attending physicians with secure encryption.

Physician Sign-Off

From home, office, hospital or away, your clinicians can securely and quickly access their reports in an Internet browser. Physicians can view, sign, or edit reports to speed document turnaround and increase clinical availability of the information. With configurable rules, iDocview™ even meets the needs of academic facilities that
require multiple signatures. “With Dolbey Fusion Text we increased productivity by 22% and saved over
$700,000 in just two year" - Customer review.


Hospital Wide Computer-Assisted Coding
Smart Revenue Management

As its last stop before billing, a patient’s chart is examined by medical coders who extract both the ICD and the CPT codes that will be billed downstream. Fusion CAC™ Powered by EMscribe™ is designed to enhance this manual process by increasing productivity and reducing time from discharge to billing. By enhancing your coders’ ability to turn more charts per hour, you can dramatically improve the revenue cycle. Fusion CAC also provides the tools to be better prepared for the present demands of POA, MS-DRGs/APR-DRGs, audit contractors and the future challenges of ICD-10.

Data Mining
Natural Language Processing
The power of words are captured by the technology underlying Fusion CAC™. A healthcare tuned and patent-pending NLP technology can process thousands of documents per hour to recognize and create the medical billing codes that will be verified and finalized by your coding staff.

As a compliment to the coding capability of the NLP engine, Fusion CAC™ will abstract data that may eliminate manual tabulation and reporting. Medication data, APGAR scores, cancer registry and morbidity statistics are examples of the information that can be automatically extracted, documented and shared from the Fusion CAC™ system.

Exclusively Experienced
Inpatient & Outpatient Coding Capability

The technology in Fusion CAC™ is uniquely qualified as the first proven CAC solution to work with both inpatient and outpatient charts. Other solutions are focused on providing specialty driven coding such as Radiology, Emergency or Physician office coding. This exclusive capability gives you the advantage of implementing one solution to meet the entire need of your healthcare facilities.

45% Increase in Productivity
89% Reduction in Outpatient Coding Time

With Fusion CAC™, your coders are presented a chart already coded with recommendations made by Fusion’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine. Coders now verify and process the codes through your existing coding system (3M, Ingenix, TrueCode, and QuadraMed). This process dramatically increases the speed in which your existing coding staff can process a chart.


The Leader in Voice Recording Solutions

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May 12 2011